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Metalshop was a heavy metal college radio show that ran on Alfred University's WALF-FM at 89.7 MHz from 1984-1987.

It was the 80's and Metal was a much maligned and misunderstood genre that parents and the establishment were certain would erode the morals of the youth and create a generation of aimless and degenerate young adults.

The broadcasts ended over 30 years ago but with a little effort and technology, Metalshop lives again. The PMRC cannot say the same.

So take a trip to 1987 with Dr. Metal. Bring your denim jacket, leather, spikes and long hair. Listeners are advised to keep hands and faces away from speakers. Turn your volume up to 11 and get ready to enter rock and roll's final frontier. Welcome to Metalshop!

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About the programming: Metalshop features a wide variety of hard rock, heavy metal, punk, hardcore and the new (at the time) metal sub-genre...thrash. From January of 1968 with Iron Butterfly's first album to May of 1987 and everything in-between, you'll find it here at Metalshop. The aim of this broadcast is to recreate Metalshop using releases available at that time.

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Metalshop is on the air!

The history of Heavy Metal up to May of 1987.

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